Unity without healing?

Excerpt from ROOTS by Christina Humphreys(available on amazon.com)
Can you truly have unity in the body of Christ without healing?
Here is an example of a wounded Christian and how it interferes with unity in the body of Christ:
Jill was brought up rough and suffered much abuse, neglect and rejection from her mother. As Jill grew into a young lady she held on to the hurt inflicted by her mother when she was a child. The abuse and neglect that Jill suffered caused her to feel rejected.
Jill let this feeling of rejection take root in her life and lived with it for so long that she hardly noticed it affecting her life. As an adult Jill joined her local church and started working in ministry. She kept running into issues with other members of the ministry and constantly felt rejected by them.
She had this constant feeling that no one in the ministry really wanted her around and that at any time they would turn on her and hurt her. Because Jill felt rejected by her peers, she never really got too close to any of them. She never went with them to fellowship and certainly never spoke up in meetings, because she thought her opinion didn’t matter to them anyway.
Jill had a lot to offer the ministry but never operated in the capacity she was meant to. She could have offered much insight into certain aspects of the ministry but never offered to do so because of the rejection that plagued her. Eventually she left the ministry.
Jill could not work in complete unity with the others because of her feeling of rejection. Her peers in the ministry did not actually reject her. This was an illusion, a lie from Satan brought on by circumstances that took place in Jill’s child hood.
After joining and leaving several ministries because of rejection, Jill began noticing a pattern. She finally went to her Pastor with her concern. Once she told him how she felt rejected by everyone around her and had told him how she had joined and left several ministries, the Pastor asked her some questions about her past and about how she grew up.
After several meetings with her Pastor, the truth began to surface. Jill began to see how the hurt from her past abuse and neglect was affecting her life even as an adult. Once she was aware of where these feelings came from, she understood that the rejection that she thought was coming from her peers may not have been the issue.
She realized that the rejection she felt from her peers was a lie. Because Jill found the root of rejection in her life she was able to keep an eye out for when this rejection would surface again. Since she knew where that rejection was coming from, she was able to sort out the truth and accept that she was not really being rejected and that it was simply a feeling, a root, from the past, and she was able to walk out of it.
It took some time. But after some time of battling stinking thinking and searching for truth, Jill was able to overcome this rejection and was then able to function in the body of Christ to her fullest potential with more confidence. In order to get over this constant feeling of rejection Jill first had to forgive her mother and let go of past circumstances.
She had to accept that she no longer lived a life of abuse and neglect and that she could move on. She had to understand that she had been living in the past by letting these wounds from her past dictate how she was feeling as an adult. She was letting past circumstances create present circumstances. Once she let go of the past, and left it in the past along with the feelings it brought on, she was able to sort out the truth.