Dance Again

A little girl awoke with nothing but dreams on her mind. While her daddy was away at work she too went to work. She closed herself in her room for the day, practicing her ballet routine that she would perform before the world. The little girl dreamed and danced all day, with nothing but hope in her heart.
Paying close attention to every turn, every plié, the little girl perfected her movement. The audience she was to perform for was of the utmost importance and everything had to be perfect. Impressing this audience was in the forefront of her mind as she went through each step with tears in her eyes, envisioning the audience’s applause and the pleasure and enthusiasm in their hearts. Pleasing the audience would mean everything to her.
The little girl hears the front door open and scrambles to climb out of her practicing attire. She picks up her most treasured and beautiful ballet attire, reserved for just this occasion. The time had finally come to perform. Making sure her tutu was properly in place, paying attention to every detail, she readied herself for the performance. As she put on her slippers she crossed each ribbon with care, making perfect for the audience with nothing but their approval on her mind.
The little girl comes into the living room where her daddy sat. It had been a long hard day of work as usual and he sat with the expectation of a break and a little television. Not being able to contain the excitement, the little girl ran to her daddy grabbing hold of his leg. She looked up at her daddy and said, “Daddy I have something to show you. You got to see this!”
The little girl brought in her music player, pressed play and took her place on the living room floor and prepared for the performance. With such elegance and grace the little girl began performing the most beautiful routine for the most important audience in the world, her dad. While she danced and twirled, the little girl looked up to see the look of approval on the face of the audience. When she beheld the face of her dad, she noticed he was trying to look past her. The volume from the TV that sat behind her began to rise as the dad held the remote in his hand.
It was time for the little girls finishing move, the one she was most proud of. She stood up straight and twirled with everything that was in her. Misjudging her step, the little girl fell into the shelf cutting her knee. In his anger, the dad shouted out, “Get out from in front of the T.V. and stop horse playing in the house!”
With tears in her eyes, a cut on her knee and a wound in her heart, the little girl jumped up and ran to her room. Tears streamed from her eyes. The little girl’s heart was crushing inside. Her hope and dreams were being drawn out of her, leaving her empty as she fell to her knees in despair releasing all her hopes and dreams with every tear and with every labored breath. She was humiliated, embarrassed, and hurt. All of her dreams of dancing before millions came crashing down at once, afterall, the most important audience had rejected her. It was that day the little girl vowed to never dance again.
A woman passes a dance studio, peering inside as the dancers spun and twirled. It was the most beautiful display of dance she had ever seen. Tears filled her eyes as her memories came flooding in and passion burned in her heart. She was moved by the expression of the movements that were being displayed. Long ago, dance had been the woman’s most desirable outlet of expression and emotion. She had put everything in dance. It was the one place she had every really felt free.
Deciding she was being silly the woman stiffened up, wiped the tear from her cheek and walked away bitter. Once the woman got home she sat her brief case to the side and turned on some worship music. As the woman stood in the middle of the living room floor she cried out to the Lord, worshiping him as she often did.
While the woman worshiped she slowly felt herself being moved by the music, swaying back and forth to the beat. The woman’s heart was being pricked. With each movement the woman’s motion became freer and more fluid. She raised her arms to the sky to praise the Lord as she swayed her body back and forth.
The woman sang to the Lord and began moving her arms in various motions as she worshiped Him with the interpretive movements of her hands. The more the woman sang, the more she moved. The woman felt herself longing to dance as she once had in times past. The pain from a memory long ago tried to keep her from breaking free, from dancing.
While the woman worshiped, the presence of the Lord came in like a flood, wiping out all fear. She stood before the most important audience once again. She stood before her Father, and in His presence, she began to dance. The woman swayed to the music, twirling and spinning with beauty before her Father. She knew all His focus was on her. As she beheld the face of her Father she noticed him looking past her flaws, seeing straight into her heart, seeing her for who he created her to be. She danced with all her might, the most beautiful, prophetic, interpretive dance imaginable.
As the woman danced before her Father she felt His tears of joy and the pleasure in his heart. For the first time since she was a child, the woman felt free. Gaining freedom with every movement, every spin, every twirl, every plie, the woman danced before the Lord. With every leap her heart beat stronger. Before the dance was over the woman began to weep as she felt the joy and the tears of the audience. She cried tears of joy and freedom, tears of fulfillment, tears of acceptance.
The dance was coming to a close and it was time for her finishing move. The woman twirled the most elegant twirl, gracefully landing at the feet of her Father, becoming a little girl once again. The little girl stood before her Father. All His attention was on her. The overwhelming presence of the Lord enveloped her and flooded her heart.
She heard the word of the Lord as he said, “Daughter, I am so proud of you. I have been waiting for you to dance before me. I have been waiting for you to worship me with all that is in you. I have been waiting for you to let me heal that wound so that you could move in the gift I gave you long ago. I gave you dance so that you could dance before me with all your might like David did, so that you could give me an undignified praise. By coming into my presence and leaving your fear to dance once again, you opened up your heart so that I could pour in healing. Daughter, dance with all you might, with all that is in you, worshiping me and giving me glory. Never stop. In this gift of dance, I have given you, you find freedom, you find purpose. Now do all that I have put in your heart, for I am with you.”
The woman’s heart was flooded with love in the very place the wound once was. Overcome by the Spirit of the Lord, the woman began to wail and groan from the deepest recess of her soul as the Lord opened her old wound to bleed out the infection from long ago. The woman felt every groan in the pit of her stomach and with every groan, infection was drawn from her wound.
In the same place where the little girl’s hopes and dreams were drawn out, the Lord now drew out a life time of pain as she dropped to her knees with fulfillment in the presence of His glory. As the pain was drawn from her, it was displayed in a physical expression of pain, wailing, weeping, shouting and deep groaning. While the pain was being extracted, love and acceptance was being poured in. The woman had so many emotions she could not explain them all, but she knew with everything within her that she had been healed. The woman had been freed, and the little girl danced again.
What is your dance? What is your expression of worship the Lord has given you that life has stifled? Remember back. Whatever your expression of worship may be, decide today that you will once again “dance” and be free. Give the Lord an undignified praise.