No limits

You are only limited by your way of thinking. Most of our limits only exist or originate in our own minds and ways of thinking. We are limited by carnal thinking but set free by putting on the mind of Christ, walking in a kingdom mindset.

God is greater than any limit we put on ourselves through our carnal thinking and we are worth more than what limits us. Think about what you are thinking about. What limits are you putting on yourself? God is greater. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Get in the presence of the Lord, CLEAR your mind of what YOU think and ALLOW HIM to give you fresh vision. Tear all limits off your life today and allow God to put His own vision in your mind and His dream in your heart, and then he will give you your heart’s desire. Whatever you ask in His name shall be given to you.

Don’t live a limited life because of the barrier you see in the natural or because of lack of vision. You have an ever flowing well of living water, hope, strength, power, and renewal. Wash in the word and be renewed, receiving fresh vision and clear sight.