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Sure Fire Ministry introduces Author and Founder of Sure Fire Ministry, Christina Humphreys. Christina has just published her second book, Divine Destiny, which has already hit the bestseller list on The Book While the release of Divine Destiny is already underway, she is quickly moving on to her next book, Roots, which will be out this summer.
Christina’s first book, Sin, has been out for nearly a year and has already reached many readers of all walks of life. Sin is a written testimony of Christina’s life, dating from her child hood up until adulthood. This true story is one of inspiration and healing and concludes a powerful testimony of the power of God to change lives. It is a story of heartbreak, trauma, healing, redemption, and restoration.
After a seemingly tough childhood, Christina later found herself desperate, addicted, and without hope. After twelve years of addiction and several suicide attempts and overdoses, she finally reached out to God. Not knowing what else to do, Christina wrote a letter to the Lord asking him to save her from addiction and to save her from herself.
She tucked her letter in her Bible as she hoped in her heart someone was listening. Several days after the letter was written, Christina found herself in an eighteen-month discipleship program and rehab at the Serenity House in Knoxville, Tn. Despite having thirteen years of prison time hanging over her head and no promise for a future, Christina felt like she was exactly where she was supposed to be for the first time in her life.
One night at church, while still at Serenity, Christina met this Lord that she had heard so much about. This miraculous encounter set her on fire and filled her with a hope she had never known before. With threats of prison time looming over her head, Christina began to grab a hold of her hope and reached for a miracle.
She got off the phone with her Lawyer while at Serenity with her hopes crushed. Her lawyer had told her that she needed to come back home because there was no hope of her getting out of doing time in prison. He told her that she needed to come home and spend time with her children before the court dates because she was about to be gone for a long time.
After this disturbing news, Christina went to her room and opened her Bible. There in her bible she found that same letter she had written to the Lord asking him to save her from addiction. There it was. It was as if God was telling her, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
From that point on Christina faced many challenges and overcame many obstacles, while keeping her sight set on the Lord. While still at Serenity, the Lord led her to write her first book, SIN. While going through many trials, much healing, deliverance, and transformation, she wrote it all down, trusting that it would one day be made into a book and get published.
SIN would reach people of all walks, deliver healing, and set people free, simply from the testimony of what God was doing in Christina’s life. This was precisely why she was led to write her testimony, even while in the midst of her trials. Not knowing what would happen in court, or with anything else, Christina decided to trust God and write, as he told her he had made her a writer.
SIN is truly an inspiration for anyone who is facing anything. After that season of Christina’s life was finally over, she went on to publish her first book Sin, along with Divine Destiny, plus many more are on the way. Over the past three years as an author, Christina eventually ventured out into the publishing arena learning the trade and is currently working as an indie author for most of her publications.
Christina went on to found Sure Fire Ministry with the purpose of healing, building, and equipping the body of Christ through the written word. After her journey with a publisher, to being an indie author, she made the decision to start Sure Fire Ministry as a way to bring new Christian authors to the table, without all of the hassle and expense of a publisher. Sure Fire Ministry is dedicated to publishing new Christian authors without the impossible expense, to make it possible for anyone to get their testimony out and to minister through the written word with testimonies, inspirational writings, plus much more.

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Laura Canter 

Penny JarEven in Kelly’s death she lives on to accomplish her purpose in the Lord through her testimony. Through Kelly’s testimony we can look not only into the life of Kelly first-hand through her journal writings that were left behind, but we are able to look into the life of a mother who struggled through a daughter’s addiction and eventually the grief of her death.
While Kelly’s story is not one of a miraculous deliverance out of addiction in this life, it is a story that sadly too many of us can relate to. Through Kelly’s addiction and death her mother, Laura, has journeyed through many trials and the tribulation of grief, to say the least. But God uses all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.
The Lord is using Kelly’s story for His purpose in bringing addiction awareness and some insight into the life of those in addiction and their loved ones. When struggling with addiction, and the loss of a loved one to addiction, we often feel alone. The truth is, you are never alone. God is with you and so are many others who have fought this fight.

Wesley Ward

Evangelist Wesley J. Ward was born March 24, 1986 to the wonderful and loving parents of Johnny and Sadie Ward. He currently resides in Roan Mountain, Tennessee with the love of his life, Sarah Ward, and two children, Alexus and Josiah. He has been ministering since the age of nine and four of the 21 years of the ministry he served as Pastor.
His powerful and inspiring delivery of the word, along with the gifts of God flowing, make him a sough-after revivalist and conventional speaker. During his 21 years in the ministry, he has acquired an associate’s degree in Divinity through the Upper Room Bible College, and Business Management certificate through Caldwell Community College in Blountville, Tennessee, and on May 7, 2016, acquired his bachelor’s degree from East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee.